The VHS has either produced or sources a number of different publications for members as part of their subscriptions.

A brief outline of the major ones follows:-


From October 2008, the VHS is producing a ‘mini-Monitor’, a predominantly online newsletter called Odatria. This publication is available online and is free to both members and non members alike. The editors are always looking for more material to include in Odatria – so feel free to contact us if you feel you have something to share.


Monitor as we know it, was started way back in 1980 as a way of getting information out to Reptile keepers at the time. Books weren’t widely available like they are today, so as you can imagine it was a useful tool for the time for keepers. Prior to 1980 Brian Barnett and his helpers plotted away on their type writers to put out Monitor in a newsletter fashion – there were 22 editions done this way from mid 1977 until the first actual publication of the Journal in September 1981. Over the years Monitor has had many writers contribute, making it world renowned, and also making it one of the oldest reptile Journals in the world.

You can order many back issues of Monitor and have them posted straight to your door.


Herpetofauna is published twice yearly by the Australian Affiliation of Herpetological Societies. The Affiliation started on an informal basis in 1974 and was formally established on 1977. It is the result of a formal agreement between member societies to participate in cooperative activities.

The Affiliations objectives are to promote the scientific study of amphibians and reptiles and their conservation, to publish the journal Herpetofauna, to encourage liaison between societies at the regional level. it is not intended to be a separate society, nor is it to deplete member societies of their vital expertise and resources.

The Society has some back issues of Herpetofauna that you can purchase and have them posted straight to your door.


Reptiles Australia published thirty-three issues before ceasing publication in mid 2010.  The VHS offered it as part of membership for a number of years.  We still have a number of issues on hand for those that are looking to complete their collections.  These back issues are available for purchase from us at $10 per issue plus postage.  Issues currently available are:- Volume 5 – Numbers 1,2 & 3, Volume 6 – Numbers 1 & 3.  Contact us at


Scales and Tails has been on the Australian Herp scene for over three years and is going ahead in leaps and bounds.  The VHS has offered this publication as part of our membership for a number of years.  We still have most back issues on hand for those that are looking to complete their collections.  Back issues are available at $10 per issue plus postage.  Contact us at

Becoming a VHS member is open to everyone and includes benefits such as free entry to all meetings and expos and special offers from our sponsors.