7th September 2016

The VHS holds 3 meetings and a number of other events each year.

Our next for the year is:

Wednesday 7th September 2016

Prahran RSL – 301 High Street – Prahran

7.15pm – 10.30pm

Dr David Williams



Dr Williams is the Head, Australian Venom Research Unit, in the Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics at the University of Melbourne, leading a team focused on preclinical and clinical toxinology research and venomous injury surveillance. He is CEO of the Global Snakebite Initiative, an IST-endorsed non-profit organisation providing international advocacy for improved access to effective treatment for snakebite envenoming.

The major focus of Dr Williams’ work several years has been a large multidisciplinary project on snakebite envenoming in Papua New Guinea, which has culminated in the collaborative development of a new antivenom for treating bites by the Papuan taipan snake. Other components of the project include extensive community and health worker education programs, basic research on snake venoms, epidemiological studies of snakebite envenoming and projects to improve the medical care of bitten patients.

As head of the Global Snakebite Initiative he is leading efforts to secure greater recognition of the public health burden of snakebite envenoming, especially in the developing world. Through engagement with the World Health Organization, WHO Member States, public health advocacy groups and a network of researchers and medical professional Dr Williams is working towards returning snakebite to the WHO list of Neglected Tropical Diseases and securing the support for a successful resolution support direct action on snakebite by the WHO at the 2017 World Health Assembly.

Dr Williams is planning two talks for us:-

1.   Snakes and snakebites in Papua New Guinea

2.  A bad day at the office – snake venom allergy



So to ensure you don’t miss out on this interesting evening, mark it in your diaries now, for WEDNESDAY 7th SEPTEMBER from 7.15pm to 10.30pm at the Prahran RSL, 301 High Street, Prahran. Don’t forget all the usual auction and pizza activities.

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