19 September 2012

The VHS holds 3 meetings and a number of other events each year.

Our next meeting is:

Wednesday 19th September 2012

Prahran RSL – 301 High Street – Prahran

7.15pm – 10.30pm

Dr Tim Jessop

Dr Tim Jessop, PhD, BSc(Hons), received his BSc in tropical marine biology and zoology, and his BSc(Hons) in reproductive immunopathology from James Cook University. He then conducted his PhD (2001) at the University of Queensland where he undertook ecological, physiological and mainly endocrine research on reptiles, particularly sea turtles. Tim then did two stints as a post-doctoral researcher based out of research institutions in the US. His second post-doc involved a large field study to evaluate the ecology, evolution and conservation requirements of Komodo dragons in Komodo National Park in Eastern Indonesia.  Most recently, he has continued to collaborate with the Department of Conservation and Research at Zoos Victoria, conducting experimental field research to evaluate how disturbance processes and their management influence responses in the vertebrate biodiversity of coastal forests in Eastern Victoria. Tim joined the Department of Zoology as a Lecturer in 2009.

Tim’s presentation will divided into two parts.

Part one will at look at the highs and lows of reptile field research and take in species including freshwater crocodiles, sea turtles and small herps from Australia and abroad.

The second part of the talk will be a photo expose of Komodo dragon research and present a general look into the ecology and evolution of the world’s largest lizard.

A review of this meeting will be in Odatria #14

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