17 Sept. 2014

The VHS holds 3 meetings and a number of other events each year.

Our next meeting for the year is:

Wednesday 21st September 2014

Prahran RSL – 301 High Street – Prahran

7.15pm – 10.30pm

Greg Fyfe

Greg will be doing two talks for us:-.

Talk 1: –  “Working as a “fauna spotter/handler” in the pipeline industry”.

The current resources boom around Australia has provided the opportunity for many people with an interest in wildlife to gain employment assisting with the capture and relocation of native fauna from areas impacted by development works. In this talk, Greg will outline his work in one project in S.E.Queensland, with pictures of some of the animals encountered.

Talk 2:- “Captive husbandry and breeding of some arid zone Brown snake species (Pseudonaja spp)”.

This talk will look at some of the Brown snake species Greg worked with in his 30 years living and working in Central Australia. Greg owned and operated a reptile display in Alice Springs for 10 years where he worked with 3 species of Brown snakes and hatched 100’s of brown snake eggs. The talk will look at the basic husbandry and breeding techniques used back in the “old days”!

So you don’t miss out on this interesting evening, mark it in your diaries now, for WEDNESDAY 17th SEPTEMBER from 7.15pm to 10.30pm at the Prahran RSL, 301 High Street, Prahran.

If you have any queries, please call 0439 845 429 or 0418 387768.

Fyfe Eastern Brown

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