Brad Walker

We are very excited to announce the speaker for our December meeting Brad Walker.

Brad will present on the keeping, breeding and husbandry of carpet python.

For over 30 years, Brad Walker has been crazy about Carpet pythons. As a professional Herpetologist, he has worked in the zoo industry for over 30 years and also kept reptiles and amphibians privately as an amateur.  Brad often gets asked, what is your fascination with reptiles and amphibians or a particular species like carpet pythons? I think this can be answered by a quote from Nick Mutton and Justin Julander PhD from The Complete Carpet Python book. “ The Carpet pythons are among the most diverse, vivid and fascinating of all the snakes”. So, that sums up a deepest fascination for this beautiful and most well-known and wide spread Australian python genus.

We look forward to seeing you all there !

Wednesday 5th of December 2018

The Angler’s Tavern

2 Raleigh Rd 


7.15 pm – 10.30pm

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